• Tania Gisela

Cacao Avocado Mousse

Healthy superfood egan snack that is deliciously decadent, creamy & good for you, especially when experiencing a sweet tooth!

Incredibly fast and easy to make with just 4 ingredients and unlimited topping options.

YES, you read that correctly, just 4 ingredients and truthfully you can make it with just 3!

I topped mine with fresh blackberries, unsweetened organic cocout chips from Trader Joe's and blanched slivered almonds.


2 ripe hass avocados

4 Tablespoons organic powdered cacao

5 Tablespons organic grade A maple syrup

4 Tablespoons spirulina oat mylk (adds creamy texture, okay to skip or substitute with another plant based mylk alternative of choice - the spirulina mylk adds the superfood plant medicine property to this recipe!


1. Peel, remove seed and cut avocado into pieces

2. Add avocado, cacao powder, maple syrup mylk to medium size mixing bowl

3. Blend all ingredients in bowl with an immersion blender until creamy and well blended (should look like chocolate mousse after 5-7min or so)

4. Store in containers (this recipe made (5) 3.5oz jars, refrigerate until ready to eat

5. Add toppings of choice...ENJOY the POWER of nature

*spirulina oat mylk recipe in Herbal Mylk Ebook (available in book section of shop soon!)

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