Beta vulgaris rubra

origin : India


Beet Root, or Beta vulgaris rubra, is a vegetable.

However the Beet Root was once considered an herb.

So the beet root we know now is only about 300 years old.

The original whole form for this organic herb started out looking like a carrot.

Of course everyone knows beets are good to eat, they are actually the sweetest of all vegetables.

Can be added to nutritional drinks or added to flavor food.
Two teaspoons of Beet Root Powder has similar nutritional value as a full serving of beets.



  • packed with essential nutrients
  • great source of fiber (helps lower cholestrol + triglyceride levels)
  • purifies blood + improve blood flow
  • lower blood pressure
  • improves circulation (increased exercise performance)
  • strengthen the heart (helps nervousness + congestion of vascular system)
  • benefits liver (helps with liver stagnation + ailments)
  • moistens intestines (helps constipation)
  • promotes menstruation (used with carrots for hormone regulation during menopause)



  •  sweet + moist


Warnings: Beets sometimes make urine or stools pink or red.

Beet Root

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