This facial tonic is unlike any other you've tried before, it's specially formulated,

packed full of natural medicinal plants to help support your integumentary (skin) health,

is gluten free, made with organic non GMO ingredients, non toxic & safe to ingest (if you wanted to)


Gift someone or yourself the experience of the power of nature today.


benefits of COLLAGEN BUILDING RESTORATIVE ingredients ;

highly absorbant (non comedogenic - won't clog pores)

good for most to all skin types

aids in body's natural collagen production

alkalinity/pH balancing

even out skin tone

aids in retaining moisture


cell regenerative

anti-aging properties



antioxidant powerhouse

omega rich (6 & 9)


naturally packed full of vitamins, minerals & nutrients

wound/rash healing aid

aids in cellulite breakdown

brightens skin

protects against sun damage

aids in hyperpigmentation reduction

aids in treatment of psoriasis & eczema

nourishes dry skin

mood & immune booster



sunflower oil, pure cold pressed USDA certified organic unrefined GMO free 100% extra virgin coconut oil, organic shavegrass, organic gotu kola, organic rosehips,

organic hemp (strain : ringo's gift), organic avocado seed powder & organic goji berries



1oz (30ml)

4oz (120ml)

Herbal Face / Body Serum

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  • This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition.

    In addition, many herbs are not safe in pregnancy, lactation, children, and in certain health conditions.

    When using plants medicinally, please check with your licensed healthcare provider. In addition, strongly consider working with a trained herbalist.