Fire Cider is subtly sweet and savory raw immune support tonic.

This tonic is unlike any other you've tried before, it's especially formulated to be packed full of medicinal plant based whole foods to help support your digestive & immune health, is gluten free, made with organic non GMO ingredients and family friendly.

Experience the power of nature today.


benefits of FIRE CIDER ingredients ;

cardiovascular, respiratory & digestive systems aid

alkalinity/pH balancing

natural pre-biotic






circulatory stimulator

aid mitigate headaches and nausea

anti inflammatory

excellent souce of vitamin C & B6

potassium & magnesium rich

mood booster



organic raw & unfiltered apple cider vinegar, raw unfiltered honey, organic horseradish,

organic chombo peppers, organic red onion, organic rosemary, organic turrmeric, organic garlic, organic ginger & organic lime




Fire Cider

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    In addition, many herbs are not safe in pregnancy, lactation, children, and in certain health conditions.

    When using plants medicinally, please check with your licensed healthcare provider. In addition, strongly consider working with a trained herbalist.