Heavy Metal Detox herbal powder is a savory & beneficial all plant based chelator

that is specially herbalist formulated & packed full of natural medicinal plants

to help &  support binding & expelling heavy metals from body.


Each order is freshly compounded once processed, please allow 48hrs to process.


Naturally Gluten free

Made with Organic NON GMO ingredients



benefits of HEAVY METAL DETOX ingredients ;

natural chelators

nutrient, enzyme & chlorophyll rich


antioxidant powerhouse


naturally packed full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes & nutrients

immune booster





Petroselinum crispum, Coriandrum sativum, Allium sativum, Spirulina platenis

& Taraxacum officinale



4oz (g)



those that use blood thinners, have an autoimmune condition, bleeding disorder, ragweed allergies, suffer from kidney failure or PKU should consult with their primary physicians before consuming


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    In addition, many herbs are not safe in pregnancy, lactation, children, and in certain health conditions.


    When using plants medicinally, please check with your licensed healthcare provider. In addition, strongly consider working with a trained herbalist.