Finally a full spectrum Hemp Oil made using a traditional herbalist method to provide you the cleanest, pure and intentionally made oil on the market.


This gluten free, non GMO, organic single origin strain specific hemp tonic is specially formulated and packed full of hemp's natural medicinal cannabinoids - over 100 cannabinoids including CBD.


Gift someone or yourself the experience of the power of nature today.


benefits of HEMP OILS ;

aids mitigate anxiety and depression


aids with gastrointestinal issues (GERD/acid reflux)

antioxidant powerhouse (good for skin)


analgesic (pain reliever)


benefits heart health

mood & immune booster

aids in reducing cancer symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment



organically Tennessee grown hemp & high oleic sunflower oil



1oz (30ml)

4oz (120ml)

Hemp Oil

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    In addition, many herbs are not safe in pregnancy, lactation, children, and in certain health conditions.

    When using plants medicinally, please check with your licensed healthcare provider. In addition, strongly consider working with a trained herbalist.