Alchemilla vulgaris

origin : Croatia


The herb known as Lady's Mantle is also called Alchemilla vulgaris, common names,

nosebleed, herb militaris, soldier's woundwort, thousand leaf, thousand seal, field hop, old man's pepper and/or thousand seal.

Lady's Mantle is a perennial herb found throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. While the leaves bear a striking resemblance to cilantro, it is in the rose family.

The common name of the Alchemilla vulgaris, was given due to its very shapely and pleated leaves which appear comparable to a woman's cloak of medieval times.



  • astringent
  • anti inflammatory
  • helps regulate menstruation
  • helps strengthen uterus
  • improves wound healing
  • aids with skin rashes
  • digestive tonic
  • alterative



  • dry + cool


Warning : Not to be used during pregnancy, has been used to aid in labor.

Lady's Mantle

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