Make your own orbs at home with our wholesome vitality dry mix, simply add 4 ingredients;

1. nut butter of your choice (almond or cashew are our favorites)

2. organic tahini

3. organic grade A maple syrup

4. pure vanilla extract


This orb snack mix makes approximately 12-15 orbs that are packed full of medicinal herbs &

plant based superfoods, is gluten free, made with organic non GMO ingredients and vegan friendly. Experience the power of nature today.


Benefits of Wholesome Vitality Orb Ingredients :

Astragalus : boost immune, adaptogen, anti aging & promotes heart health

Beetroot : increases endurance, shortens recovery time & boost brain + heart health

Cinnamon : antioxidant rich, boosts metabolism & helps regulate/lower blood sugar

Chia Seeds : massively rich in nutrients, omegas, antioxidants, fiber & a quality protein

Hemp Hearts : rich in antioxidants, omegas, protein, amino acids, benefits heart health & anti aging

Maca : highly nutritious, improves mood and endurance

Rolled Oats : highly nutritious, antioxidant rich, contains powerful soluble fibers

Spirulina : extremely high in nutrients, antioxidant rich, improves muscle strength



organic rolled oats, organic hemp hearts, organic chia seeds, organic astragalus powder,

organic maca powder, organic spirulina, organic beetroot powder, kosher salt & cinnamon powder




Wholesome Vitality Orb Mix

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    In addition, many herbs are not safe in pregnancy, lactation, children, and in certain health conditions.

    When using plants medicinally, please check with your licensed healthcare provider. In addition, strongly consider working with a trained herbalist.